Included and optional services

Sail Evia cruises include onboard activities and facilities such as:

  • Informal tuition of sailing principles
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Marine mattresses
  • Simple fishing gear
  • Some meals

Upon request, we can also provide additional services at a small extra charge.

Optional services and facilities

The Evoikos Gulf is one of Greece’s prime fishing areas, for professional and amateur fishermen alike, thanks to its biodiversity, clean waters which are continually renewed by currents and mild weather.

Sail Evia can arrange for you to learn the art of fishing at sea by fishermen with many years of experience in different types of fishing. They will accompany you on board and, depending on the weather and location, will provide the appropriate equipment and introduce you to the secrets of amateur fishing. You can then start fishing with their guidance and help.

Explore one of the most exciting seas of Greece and the Mediterranean with the guidance of experienced divers.

Our certified diving instructors will be on board, provide training and organize dives where you can be diving on your own or in their company if you wish to do so. We cater for all levels of diving experience, from beginners to experienced divers.

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