The Euripus Strait with its sliding bridge is the point which connects the north to the south Evoikos Gulf and divides,Evia from continental Greece. Its name probably derives from the words “ev” and “burst” referring to the good, rapid flow of water, while the Venetian conquerors called it Negroponte or Negreponte (Black Bridge), a name that was later applied to the entire city of Halkida.

The tide on the Strait is a unique natural phenomenon. The waters at that point never remain stationary as they are subject to very strong tidal currents. For 22-23 days / month they change direction approximately every 6 hours. For the rest of the days, tidal flows are so erratic that they change up to 14 times within a 24-hour period.

This constant and irregular flow has made the city’s inhabitants call them “crazy waters”, a popular name that is still sometimes used for the city itself.

Nowadays there is a also a large, suspended bridge which crosses the Strait and provides the main road connection to the national highways network.